'inspired by those who wear them'

Meet Maia, Theo and Zachy, our founder, Beth Bourrelly’s small hoard from Greenwich, SE London. They played a big part in the birth of redurchin.

Beth was taking a break from being an architect, after having her third child, and found herself itching to get back to doing something creative. Deciding to design some clothes for the children, she asked them what they’d really like to see on a T-shirt. Together they came up with a successful blueprint for the Ts, tops and babygrows we’re making today. And Beth never did get back to architecture because, as so many people wanted the clothes she’d designed, redurchin took on a life of its own.

Maia and Theo, the original little urchins, inspired most of these cute characters and wanted ‘cool’ colours as well as something fun - hence the button eyes and redurchin tattoos that come with every kids T-shirt. (It goes without saying that they wanted clothes they could get on and play in easily.)

Little Zachy just pulled at the irritating label at the back of his neck. We’re pretty sure he meant ‘no itchy labels or stitching please’!

Beth wanted the cute little characters to be stylish too so that they are loved by you as much as your kids. Also, the architect in her demanded beautiful buttons, well made seams and a perfect fit. 

Redurchin means all this and a clear conscience, because we use ethical manufacturers and 100% organic cotton, grown sustainably in Europe.

We hope your children love redurchin products as much as Maia, Theo and Zachy do.