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Meet Maia, Theo and Zachy, our founder Beth Bourrelly’s small hoard. They played a big part in the birth of redurchin.

Beth was taking a break from being an architect, after having her third child, and found herself itching to get back to doing something creative. Deciding to design some clothes for the children, she asked them what they’d really like to see on a T-shirt.

Together they came up with a successful blueprint for the Ts, tops and babygrows we’re making today. And Beth never did get back to architecture because, so many people wanted the clothes she’d designed, redurchin took on a life of its own.

What the little urchins wanted... Maia, Theo and little Zachy demanded cute characters and designs, cool colours and something fun - hence the button finish and redurchin tattoos that come with every kids T-shirt. (It goes without saying that they wanted clothes they could get on, get down and play in.)

Theo is also the big reason Beth decided to go organic. He’s had Eczema since he was a toddler and harsh dyes and fabrics cause his skin to flare up. Our supersoft organic cotton and vegetable dyes mean there is no itching and scratching...Yippee! Likewise our buttons and seams are finished extra carefully so they are comfortable, and we never use scratchy nylon thread. Theo runs every product past his ‘Eczema test’and loves the fact there are no washing labels next to the skin.

Beth wanted the cute characters to be stylish, as well as cute, because architects are obsessive about design. So beautiful fabrics and prints, plus a perfect fit, were a must too.

We hope your children love redurchin products as much as Maia, Theo and Zachy do.

redurchin means all this and a clear conscience, because we use ethical manufacturers and 100% organic cotton, grown sustainably in Europe.

“... I could not be more pleased. You went to so much trouble for me and the care you have shown at every point, from keeping me informed on delivery status to the beautiful packaging, puts other retailers to shame... you will be my first port of call when I need any kind of baby gift.” Pamela Jones

“Really happy with the stock, gorgeously soft and I love the branding and tags etc. Also a fantastic delivery service and I must say your paperwork from order to invoice to delivery is one of the simplest to check & reconcile.” Sue, Kiddikool